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Sandor Animal Biogenics proposed to start Semen Production Unit at Shankar Palli, Hyderabad

Inaugurated of filling and sealing animal feed supplements plant at IDA Bollarum, Hyderabad on 30th October 2014

Sandor Animal Biogenics Pvt. Ltd. is a group company of M/s. Sandor Lifesciences - a DSIR and NABL accrediated life science company having specialization in Animal Biotechnology, Medical Genetics, Proteomics and Genomics.

At our corporate office at Hyderabad (Telangana State) we have the most sophisticated laboratory and infrastructure for the testing of various common genetic diseases as found in Holstein Friesian and Holstein crossbred cattle. We provide testing facility for Karyotyping and selection of favorable economical treats and paternity test for diary animals.

At Sandor Animal Biogenics, our major focus area of concern is to address to the challenges of Mastitis and Infertility among the diary animals in India. We are the exclusive authorized distributors for CID-Lines, Belgium to market their products in India.

CID LINES-Belgium are the perfect partner to ensure the hygiene standards in dairy farms. They supply high quality products with the range of anti-mastitis teat dip solution like Kenopure™Pro, Kenomint™Pro, Kenocid™ etc. to ensure the utmost hygiene in every aspect of excellent dairy farming practice and continually develop new products for improved production. CID LINES has subsidiaries in Poland, France, Spain, UK, the Middle East and China and exports to more than 96 countries in 5 continents. Besides we have introduced two new cost effective feed supplements named GabhinSure™ and ThanelaCure™ which had been tried and tested over 40,000 animals in field trials by one of the ICAR institutions. These feed supplements have been found very effective for improvement of fertility and control of Mastitis in dairy animals respectively.

At Sandor Animal Biogenics, we are in process of producing bovine frozen semen to meet the ever growing demand of quality frozen semen for various cattle breeds including exotic, indigenous and crossbred cattles and Buffaloes. Subsequent to frozen semen production, we plan to start marketing of sexed semen with the aim to produce more female calves as that is the best option available to increase milk production in our country.

We at Sandor Animal Biogenics Pvt. Ltd. are passionate to help your livestock stay Healthier and Productive.

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