Sandor Animal Biogenics (SABPL) Semen Station is a unit of Sandor. SABPL semen station was conceived and conceptualized for producing frozen bovine semen with latest technology conforming to international standard quality norms. At SABPL, our major focus area continues to the development of cattle and buffalo breeds in the country by providing & supplying best quality frozen bovine semen for exotic and indigenous cattle breeds.

The SABPL station produces superior Quality Frozen Bovine Semen of high pedigrees bulls through effective quality management system and provides unique services and technology at the doorstep of farmers to improve their herds productivity.

At SABPL we are passionate to help your livestock stay Healthier and Fertile.


To be known as Best Animal Biogenics company in India providing solutions for prevention of Mastitis and Infertility in dairy animals


Prevention is more Profitable than Cure

Salient feature of Frozen Bovine Semen of SABPL Semen Station:

  • Semen harvested from High pedigree bulls – free from sexual & genetic diseases.
  • Semen processed in bacteria free environment.
  • Semen packed in imported French mini straws (0.25ml).
  • Ultrasonically sealed and inkjet printed straws.
  • Containing minimum 20 million sperms per straw.
  • Each batch & each ejaculate passed through CASA and strict Quality control Tests.
  • More than 50% post thaw motility ensured.
  • Less than 5000CFU/ml microbial load.