Innovative Hygiene Solutions

KenoTMpure Pro the complete preparation (Pre-Dip Solution) before milking

  • Cleaning
  • Non-ionic and anionic surfactants
    • Acts uniformly on the whole teat skin and end
    • Reduces surface tension on soiled teats
    • Removes dirt quickly and efficiently

  • Sanitizing
  • Lactic acid
    • Natural molecule with fast sanitizing and gentle action on the skin
    • Efficiency recognized by EN1656 test and by field trials in 30s contact time with foam or spray application

  • Teat and udder conditioning
  • Glycerin: conditions and moisturizes teats for improved milking.
    • KenoTMpure Pro application encourages the release of oxytocin that stimulates milk let down.

KenoTMmint Pro the full protection (Post-Dip) solution for the teats after milking

  • New technology film forming dip for full protection.
  • Based on a unique chlorhexidine digluconate barrier for powerful activity.
  • Menthae arvensis brings healing and anti-inflammatory properties for better cow comfort.
  • Active plugging: Keno™mint Pro covers the end of the teat canal creating an efficient barrier.
  • Efficacy against mastitis causing bacteria.
  • KenoTMmint Pro has demonstrated proven efficacy according to the current European Norms:

  • EN1656 test of bactericidal activity with presence of milk:

    • Staphylococcus aureus
    • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    • Enterococcus hirae
    • Proteus vulgaris
    • Escherichia coli
    • Streptococcus agalactiae
    • Streptococcus dysgalactiae
    • Streptococcus uberis
    • Citrobacter freundii
    • Enterobacter aerogenes
    • Klebsiella pneumoniae
    • Streptococcus bovis
    • Corynbacterium bovis

KENOTMCID 2100 5% The Ideal Disinfectant for milking robots

Product description

Disinfectant based on active stabilized peracetic acid. Ideal for those circumstances where chlorine cannot be used and foam is not welcome. It is also used for disinfection of the brushes in your milking robot.


KENO® CID 2100 5% is based on hydrogenperoxide (appr. 20%), peracetic acid (appr. 5%).

KENO® CID 2100 5% is a strong oxidizer.

Direction for use

    • Rinse pipes with water.
    • For cleaning and disinfection of the waterlines: circulate a KENO® CID 2100 5% solution of 0, 2% during 15 minutes
    • Rinse with clear water


KenoTMtest is the perfect indicator for rapid detection of subclinical mastitis. Based on the C.M.T. (California mastitis test) method, it gives a semi quantitative indication of the level of somatic cells present in the milk. To be used with the special test-pallet. It is available in 1 L.

Pre milking paper

Pre milking paper is used to wipe teats when pre dip solution-Kenopure (foam) is applied on teats. One roll of pre milking paper contains 1000 sheets of paper and one sheet of paper is used for one cow.

Foam Cup

Foam cup is an applicator used for Kenopure Pro (pre milking solution) mixed with water to create foam for washing of teats before milking. It is specially designed with air inlet so that foam can be made. It is made in Europe.

Dip Cup

Dip cup is another applicator for using Kenomint Pro (post milking solution) on teats after milking. The solution Kenomint is applied directly on cow teats to cover the sphincter of teats to avoid entry of external bacteria that may cause mastitis. The dip cup is made of good quality plastic.